For women, choosing a thoughtful birthday gift for your girlfriend can be tricky. When she reaches thirty, it may be impossible to give her the same old bottle of vodka you gave her when she was younger. Her interests, hobbies, and lifestyle may have changed, so you should be more thoughtful this year. Fortunately, there are many ways to celebrate her special day, without breaking the bank. Below are a few great ideas for birthday gifts for women.

Subscribe to a subscription box, with items they can enjoy on their birthday. Read & Relax features books, scented candles, and bath bombs. Another gift that combines comfort and luxury is a birthday game. A birthday party can be elevated with the Finders Seekers Mystery Game. This game challenges participants to delve into a new city with a variety of clues and codes. Alternatively, you can buy a gift certificate for a local museum.

When buying gifts for someone’s birthday, remember that there are no “must haves.” Make sure your gift feels personal. Choose something that is thoughtful, but won’t break the bank. Gift certificates can go a long way, as do personalized presents. A personalized photo book is also a great idea. Other great ideas for birthday presents include home decor and goods for the home. And don’t forget to start with a card.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves music, consider buying them a set of headphones, like the Stubb’s Wireless Headphones. These earbuds have great sound quality and long battery life. You can also gift them a 4-pack of pre-made rubs and marinades. The headphones themselves come in three colors, and their front page is personalized with the recipient’s birthday! You can even get a customized mug featuring the BFF’s face.

A personalized jar filled with favorite small treats makes a great gift for an 80th birthday. Fill it with Hershey’s Kisses, Lifesavers, or miniature candy bars. Then, add a birthday sticker on the lid to make the gift even more special. When a person turns eighty, she’ll feel honored and surprised! A gift such as this can make her birthday one to remember! If you don’t know what to give your 80-year-old friend, remember that she’ll surely appreciate this gift.